The probabilistic risk approach is very versatile with a range of applications in the drones sector. The basis for all these applications is safer, more effective integration of drones.




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(B)VLOS Risk Estimation & Flight Planning


Uses ground data (roads, infrastructure, built areas), air data (historic flight data), aircraft type and failures modes to estimate the risk to 3rd parties.


Beta version available for testing purposes only at

Collision Avoidance


Demonstrated in flight tests. Even in the most challenging scenarios (two aircraft on high-speed contra-rotating circuit patterns) it showed safe and proportionate avoidance. At the European Robotics League, the approach won the SESAR special prize for collision avoidance.

VLOS Liability Estimation


Technology sub-licensed to SalusUAV to quantify the risk of VLOS drone operations and enhance insurance 

Aircraft design and control consultancy


We are passionate engineers and have developed a large number of customised aircraft for R&D purposes. If you need help developing your own platform, control or systems integration, we may be able to help.